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My Hero….

Mike has been gone for two of the last three weeks.  Thankfully, his trips haven’t been consecutive.  It was all fairly intimidating:  new town, new apartment, two kids, no friends, all alone.  Scary.  But….we’re working things out.  Raines has been … Continue reading

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Just a Typical Morning…

Raines has been waking up early and READY to GO.  Like, now.  He literally opened his eyes this morning and shrieked, “WAKE UP MUM!!  WHY YOU NO WAKE UP???” Geez, kid.  It’s 6:30AM.  WHY YOU NO SWEEP UNTIL 8 LIKE … Continue reading

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What I’m Learning From My Three Year Old (over and over and over again)

Me:  Raines, ready to go? Raines: Nope. Me, thinking to myself, “Why am I asking him?”  Deep breath. Me, sternly and annoyed:  Raines, it’s TIME to go. Raines, nonplussed: Ok, Mum! Aaand now I feel bad for being so annoyed.  … Continue reading

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So THIS is what Mainline babies wear

Poor Pax doesn’t have any summer clothes that fit. He’s wearing 12-18 month clothing. I popped into a boutique in Wayne when the temps hit the high 80’s, hoping to snag something for him. Denver is a dress your kid … Continue reading

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