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Fourteen years ago today I married my best friend.       I’ll never understand how we got so lucky.   I love you, MikeD.        

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So Now We Have Have Conversations Like These….

Mike came bustling into the room, all sweaty, just back from his morning run.  I’m propped up on the bed, grumpy.  Mike starts fiddling with my pill bottles. “Morning, Babe!” he says, handing me a pill.  I glare back at … Continue reading

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Congratulations Are In Order

My surgery is over, my drains are out.  The surgery itself wasn’t a big deal, the recovery has been…awful.  Soul-sucking, actually.  In the last week or so since the surgery, I’ve routinely cried from pain. It’s the kind of pain … Continue reading

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All The Terrible Things

My diagnosis, as far as breast cancer goes, isn’t all that serious.  Stage 0.  Seriously, zero.  That’s about as early as it gets.  According to the doctors, I am “lucky”.  Unless, I imagine, they find something worse in the tissue … Continue reading

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