It Not Pee-Pee, Dad

This morning, Pax informed us that he was done with diapers.  Uh…Ok.  So on went the underwear, and all seems well.  Although…I don’t recall that he’s pooped yet today.  Crap.  TMI, I know.

In any case, Mike gave the boys a bath tonight, and after, Pax was running around naked (important), eating a banana (irrelevant).

Suddenly, I hear Mike’s voice:  “Pax!  Did you pee on the floor?”  He’s pointing to an enormous puddle.

Pax comes over to inspect the puddle.  Looks at it for a moment. “No, Dad!”

Mike looks skeptical.  “Pax-”

Pax interrupts, “I not pee on fwoor!!!!!”  his whole face is indignant, shocked.

Mike, I can tell, is slightly taken aback by his vehemence, as am I.  “Ok….well.  I’m just….thinking that….Pax?  How did this puddle get here?”

Pax tilts his head to one side, thinks.  “It not pee-pee, Dad!  Dat….Dat…..Dat come fwom mine EAR.”

Oh boy.





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