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Ives and Raines

Ives, one of the cutest of our neighbors.  I mean seriously.     But before I got up, before I even reached for the camera, R jumped up.  “She’s too cute, Mom.  I gotta get a picture of this.”  And … Continue reading

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Boys and Girls

When Mike and I first started dating, he had all of these weird “rules”. He wouldn’t hold hands….. ….he was anti-snuggle… …and then at some point, I don’t really remember when, all of that nonsense stopped. I was reminded of … Continue reading

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Favorite Pics from 2013

Mike and I have been working a on our photography this year.   Here are some of my favorite shots from 2013 (one was taken with an iPhone – can you guess?)  

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You My Mom

“Mum?  What Hero Factree guy you wike?  You wike Strwinger?  You wike Stohmer?  You wike Beez?” Me: Pax, go to sleep. [silence] “Mum?  If you wan’ pway Hero Factree wuf me you can!  You can be Beez, you can be … Continue reading

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Cause It’s Kinda Hard To Wait For Cake

Pax’s birthday was a few weeks ago.  I was still in rough shape so it was pretty low-key.  Pax was SO excited, “It my birfday?” he whispered as soon as he woke up.  He was incredulous that such a thing … Continue reading

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This was not our best Halloween.  I mean – OK.  We did have fun.  On Halloween night a few of our friends stopped by, we had some wine and pizza, and the kids went trick or treating.  I am enough … Continue reading

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It Not Pee-Pee, Dad

This morning, Pax informed us that he was done with diapers.  Uh…Ok.  So on went the underwear, and all seems well.  Although…I don’t recall that he’s pooped yet today.  Crap.  TMI, I know. In any case, Mike gave the boys … Continue reading

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We met with our doctors last week.  After my face broke out in some horrible-looking rash for four days, I had HAD IT.  I mean…going bald is one thing, but looking like a poster-child for a teenage acne commercial was … Continue reading

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The Kid is Alright

  In August, sometime after the mastectomy (but before my reconstruction)…I called about Pax.  If you recall, at his two-year appointment (last November) his pediatrician had been worried about his speech delay, and wanted me to get hime tested. I … Continue reading

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At Some Point, All of the Joking Stops

This past week was hell.  It’s incomprehensible, really.  I feel as though I’m being a bit melodramatic, but when I look back…. It was awful. The first few days (when you’re on nausea-watch) were actually OK.  The new anti-nausea drugs … Continue reading

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