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This was not our best Halloween.  I mean – OK.  We did have fun.  On Halloween night a few of our friends stopped by, we had some wine and pizza, and the kids went trick or treating.  I am enough … Continue reading

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Sophia The Brave

We just had a heart-breakingly fantastic time with Jayme and little Sophia in NY.  They were home, visiting J’s parents.  (Who are awesome, btw.)  OMG we have MISSED them! Raines and Soph are crazy-cute together.  Such buddies still, after all … Continue reading

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Jesus is Magic

We went out in Chestnut Hill last night.  They were having a Christmas shopping event, where all of the stores stayed open late, carolers roamed and you could even get roasted chestnuts.  Which were surprisingly good. Anyway, we met our … Continue reading

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From the mouth of Raines….

Before I forget, here are a few of my favorite Raines phrases from the last several months.  Sadly, he’s already grown out of some of them (like “slowy motion“).  Sob. On his older Hot Wheels cars….. [disgustedly]  “They go slowy … Continue reading

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My Hero….

Mike has been gone for two of the last three weeks.  Thankfully, his trips haven’t been consecutive.  It was all fairly intimidating:  new town, new apartment, two kids, no friends, all alone.  Scary.  But….we’re working things out.  Raines has been … Continue reading

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