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Friday Nothings

These pictures aren’t of any real importance.  They represent no milestones, there are no funny stories attached.  They are just pictures from a Friday night.  Pictures where we are doing something that we’ve done before and will do again.  Pictures … Continue reading

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Knock Knock

Raines is just starting to grasp the concept of jokes.  Like…real jokes.  Where you are trying to be funny.  But he’s not quite there, so many of his jokes make no sense at all.  It’s like he understands enough to … Continue reading

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I’ll Eat Him Up I Love Him So

At Pax’s two-year appointment, the doctor wanted me to call a speech therapist.  Because Pax wasn’t really talking.  Which surprised me.  I forgot, actually, how much Raines had to say even at 18 months.  Hunh. But here’s the thing about … Continue reading

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