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Reasons Why I Love Co-Sleeping #548

We’ve been having a few rough nights, since both boys (and I) are all sick.  Mike has been sleeping with Raines, in his room, just to keep the insanity levels down.  So it’s been me and lil’ P all night. … Continue reading

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One Good Thing About Philadelphia: Smarter Nurses

Raines got sick first – fever, cough, chills, etc.  Then I did.  Then….it seemed like Pax was getting sick.  And I hate when babies get sick.  So I called our (new) doctor.  We haven’t been in yet (and YES, I’m … Continue reading

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Raines:  You sad, Mum?  Cause someone die? Me: Yes, honey.  An amazing man named Steve Jobs.  He made your iPod. R:  Ooooo….I know, Mum!  We make him! We jus need some bones an- an- an- dese things (waves arms madly … Continue reading

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Pax has been refusing to nap all day. It’s his new thing. Along with climbing on stairs, chairs, stools, his brother…and throwing his food forcefully across the room when finished. He is finally asleep (it’s almost 10PM). I gingerly lay … Continue reading

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Best. Husband. Ever.

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