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A Big Night. HUGE.

  The last time this happened was January 3rd, 2007.  Or earlier, if you count my ginormous pregnant body pillow as a person.

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Where Have All The Lightening Bugs Gone?

The other night, Mike was working late (as in very, very, past-bedtime late) so I was putting the kids down.  This should not be a big deal.  But for some reason, nothing was going right.  Pax screamed at me while … Continue reading

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Moms Living Dangerously

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Reasons Why I Love Co-Sleeping #548

We’ve been having a few rough nights, since both boys (and I) are all sick.  Mike has been sleeping with Raines, in his room, just to keep the insanity levels down.  So it’s been me and lil’ P all night. … Continue reading

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Pax has been refusing to nap all day. It’s his new thing. Along with climbing on stairs, chairs, stools, his brother…and throwing his food forcefully across the room when finished. He is finally asleep (it’s almost 10PM). I gingerly lay … Continue reading

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The Definition of Tired

Mike put R to bed. Somehow, they both fell asleep with all of the lights on, glasses on Mike’s face, and R still clutching his Han Solo action figure. I should probably also mention that this was our first night … Continue reading

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A Lover, A Flirt, and a Darn Good Foot Rub

One of the most unexpected joys of parenthood is seeing your child learn how to love.  It starts small, really.  At first, it’s nothing more than a gut feeling – they way your baby looks at you, eyes shining with … Continue reading

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