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Brain Freeze

Yup.  He quickly learned to lick, not bite the ice cream after that one.

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What Are We Gonna Do With This Kid?

We had a picnic lunch in living room the other day.  I had promised an actual picnic…but it was too cold, so we did it indoors.  This is the kind of game that is super fun for Raines and I. … Continue reading

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Top 11 Pics From Gulf Shores 2012

I am so very behind in publishing these….but here my best 11 pics.  I’m getting better with the camera.  🙂  Still, there were a TON of shots with the water in perfect focus and all of the rest of us … Continue reading

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The Secret

I’m driving Raines to school.  I do this most of the time….but a few times a month Mike will drive him.  Which is nice.  But anyway, we’re driving along, and Raines looks up from his carseat and remarks, “Oh!  This … Continue reading

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Moms Living Dangerously

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