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“Pax?” I said softly, coming into the room. “NO!!” he screamed. Then turned back to his book. Yup. Almost two.

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Camping Suckas

Yup.  We went camping. It’s a thing I like to do every five years or so.  Five being the amount of time it takes for the memories of the last trip to get fuzzy. We went camping in Assateauge Island. … Continue reading

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Where Have All The Lightening Bugs Gone?

The other night, Mike was working late (as in very, very, past-bedtime late) so I was putting the kids down.  This should not be a big deal.  But for some reason, nothing was going right.  Pax screamed at me while … Continue reading

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The One Where I Get a Smack-down…On an Airplane

So…I wrote an article on Ain’t No Mom Jeans about flying alone with kids.  And I got a ton of really nice comments.  So many nice comments, in fact, that I was actually starting to feel a teensy bit…smug?  Like I … Continue reading

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Brother Snuggles

I live for these moments: The best? When Pax was pissed at me (for some horrible offense like restricting his chocolate chip intake) and went running & crying into his brother’s arms. The. Best.

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There are some things you just never want to forget…

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Brain Freeze

Yup.  He quickly learned to lick, not bite the ice cream after that one.

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