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Whatcha Got There, Pax?

Desperate times call for desperate measures. And I would consider a 13 hour car trip with a baby and a 3 yr old desperate. We were running out of ideas. I swear! We tried everything else….but MAN. He’s been playing … Continue reading

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Poor Second Baby

Raines was having trouble on the drive to school today. There was some major three-year-old drama involving WHICH hot wheels car he wanted to take in his backpack. So for most of the drive he was whine-crying (I think of … Continue reading

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S Vs. Crabby Nurse…Take 2

R has an ear infection.  Pretty par for the course…he tends to get these.  This one caught me off guard, however, because his ear infections almost always surface the night before we’re about to get on an airplane somewhere, so….surprise! … Continue reading

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