Whatcha Got There, Pax?

Desperate times call for desperate measures. And I would consider a 13 hour car trip with a baby and a 3 yr old desperate.

We were running out of ideas. I swear! We tried everything else….but MAN. He’s been playing with that thing for over an hour.

Maybe someday he’ll forgive me for this picture. Probably not until he has his own kids.


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4 Responses to Whatcha Got There, Pax?

  1. Lucy says:

    Freakn’ Hilarious…and no he will never forgive you! 🙂

  2. Mom says:

    You’re right, Shana. Do not show him this until he is married with children who are at least ten years old. He’ll have seen it all by then. Too funny.

  3. Holy freakin’ cow. How have you kept this little blog a secret for so long? I just read back through months and months, and I literally have been laughing so hard I can’t stop crying. So. Freakin. Funny. What did we laugh about before we had children?

    This pic just makes me die. I’m probably going to end up with something similar…only The Pup will be holding on to some horrible urology-related item of his father’s…

  4. sdraugelis says:

    Thanks, Gang!

    Amy – Hi!! Yeah, this has been my little outlet since R was born. So much fun. But seriously – what did we laugh about?

    And a urology-related item? Good LORD that could get ugly. LOL

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