Cause It’s Kinda Hard To Wait For Cake

Pax’s birthday was a few weeks ago.  I was still in rough shape so it was pretty low-key.  Pax was SO excited, “It my birfday?” he whispered as soon as he woke up.  He was incredulous that such a thing could be for him only.  Oh, sweet baby.

But the cake.  Sofreakinghard to wait for us slow adults to get our morning coffee.


Waiting patiently


Starting to lose it…


No. Not yet. Pulling from inner reserves of strength.


You shut your mouth, Raines.


I SAID SHUT— “PAX! Hands are not for hitting!”




Mom brought the flame thrower just in time.




Sheesh.  Happy Birthday, my crazy little man.

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1 Response to Cause It’s Kinda Hard To Wait For Cake

  1. stclementmom says:

    Many (all?) of our birthdays have at least one pic that has the birthday boy/girl with their hands swatting away siblings… keepin it real. 🙂

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