Poor Second Baby

Raines was having trouble on the drive to school today. There was some major three-year-old drama involving WHICH hot wheels car he wanted to take in his backpack. So for most of the drive he was whine-crying (I think of it as mooing) about this car and that car and I was focused on both driving and trying to help him move past this trauma.

Well. We arrived at school and…sigh. Poor Pax.

Not sure how long he had been sitting there like this, but sheesh.

Totally awake, by the way.


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3 Responses to Poor Second Baby

  1. Heather says:

    Oh my, I got a goooooood laugh from that picture. I have SO been there. He was probably seeking some serenity from the “mooing” LOL! I love how his body is so relaxed..I imagine him thinking, “Ummmmmm….Whoa, it got really dark all of the sudden..wait, ..this is actually kinda nice…I’ll just be my chill second child self and wait here patiently until Mum notices.” Aww..I miss those “little” guys!

  2. Kristen says:

    Don’t worry, 20 years ago when my parents were moving into their first house with my older brother, they kept hearing a muffled “eh” coming from the back seat. Neither of them thought much of it, and continued talking to each other. When they finally arrived at the house (about 25 minutes later), they got out to get JB out of the back. His head was wedged (tightly) between his car seat and his high chair that had fallen on top of him. All contained metal and plastic with little to no cloth cover…Oops!

  3. sdraugelis says:

    Heather – you nailed it, Chicky! I think that was EXACTLY what he was saying, LOL!

    And Kristen – I do feel better now. 🙂 Thanks.

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