The Secret

I’m driving Raines to school.  I do this most of the time….but a few times a month Mike will drive him.  Which is nice.  But anyway, we’re driving along, and Raines looks up from his carseat and remarks, “Oh!  This is where Dad got stuck.”

“What?” I say.  “Dad got stuck?  When he drove you to school last week?”

“Yeah.”  Says Raines.  “Stuck….right…over…there.”

This is news to me.

“Dad got stuck, hunh? What happened then?”

“Dad got stuck, then a man came…and then Dad gotted not stuck and drove off. VROOM.  Like that.”

“A man?”

“A POLICE MAN!” Raines says gleefully.

I’m beginning to understand what happened here.  “Raines, did Dad get stopped by the police??”

“Dad got stuck.”

Silence.  I try a new tack: “What did the policeman say to Dad?”

Raines smirks.  “It a secret, Mom.”

Uh hunh.  I’ll bet the Radnor Police department is $100 richer.

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