Pax has been refusing to nap all day. It’s his new thing. Along with climbing on stairs, chairs, stools, his brother…and throwing his food forcefully across the room when finished.

He is finally asleep (it’s almost 10PM). I gingerly lay him down in his little crib. Which, BTW, requires me to get into the crib, then lay down face-first with his body under mine. I then use the weight of my body to quell any startle reflex as I slip my hands from under his back. Once I have my hands free (I’m still lying facedown), I can c-a-r-e-fully stand back up and crawl out of the crib.

So of course he totally woke up the second I was standing, still in the crib. Like a deer in headlights, I froze. Then, inexplicably, shut my eyes. (I must have learned this from Raines. It’s how he plays hide-n-seek).

Oddly enough….it worked.

I’ll be darned. Raines must be onto something here.


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1 Response to Freeze!

  1. em says:

    haha! I used to do this to raines all the time! šŸ™‚

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