My Hero….

Raines like wearing his super-hero underwear backwards so he can SEE the superheros

Mike has been gone for two of the last three weeks.  Thankfully, his trips haven’t been consecutive.  It was all fairly intimidating:  new town, new apartment, two kids, no friends, all alone.  Scary.  But….we’re working things out.  Raines has been amazing.  It’s funny, when it’s just the two of us together (Ok 3, including Pax), R just settles into a nice little routine with me.  I think it’s because we’ve always been such good buddies – and we’ve spent, in his short little life, lots of time traveling together, just him and I.  He seems to know, instinctively, that I need him.  Need his help.

There was a bug in the middle of the living room.  “Stinky bugs”, they call them out here.  They are fairly big, leggy, look kinda like a cockroach…and they fly.  Terrifying.  “No-no-no-no-NOOOOOOO,” I’m thinking, staring at the bug from 20 feet away a safe distance.

“Mum!”  Raines  points to it. “BIG BUG!”

“I know…” I say, trying to keep my voice from shaking.  “It’s a big one….”

Raines looks at me.  Cocks his head and stares for a second.

“Mum.  I get bug.  You go in dere.”  He points to his bedroom.

“What?  You’re going to get the bug?  You want me to wait in your bedroom??”  I am incredulous.

“Mum.  Cwose door.   You be safe in dere.”

I am embarrassed to admit that I did it.  I got Pax, went into the bedroom, closed the door, and let my THREE YEAR OLD pick up the bug in a napkin, open the door to the porch and throw both bug and napkin outside.  I did peek through the crack, watching, like the coward I am, to make sure the bug was gone.

“MUM!  YOU SAFE!  I AM SUPER-HERO!”  Raines crowed.

Ooooo….he is.  He really, really is.

I love the back view.


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1 Response to My Hero….

  1. Mom says:

    Ok; so why is this post making me teary eyed? Go, Raines!

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