The Last Day of Preschool

What a difference a year makes.


Does he look impossibly old to anyone else?


“I’m going to be a little bit sad, Mom”  as he realized that today was his last day of preschool.  Then he thought about it for a moment.  “Eh.  Just a little.”

It’s mind-boggling, that he will start kindergarten next year.  But it’s equally mind-boggling to think of all of the…life we have yet to come.

If we’re lucky, of course.


And then we went to the playground.  I needed to see my babies being babies.  Ones who  run and play and jump and whoop.

And sometimes wear only one sock.


See?  He still needs his Mama.

Also Superman missed his nap, which made him delightfully clingy.


I think we needed each other today.

God, life is good.

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