So THIS is what Mainline babies wear

Poor Pax doesn’t have any summer clothes that fit. He’s wearing 12-18 month clothing. I popped into a boutique in Wayne when the temps hit the high 80’s, hoping to snag something for him. Denver is a dress your kid in rock t-shirts kinda town. R has a sweet Beastie Boys tee, Beatles, Grateful Dead. So I was looking for something like that – kinda cool, edgy.

Apparently, mainline babies don’t wear concert tees. Peter Pan collars? Yes. Seersucker? As far as the eye can see. And little embroidered animals?

Ummm….we went with crabs. With happy smiling faces.


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1 Response to So THIS is what Mainline babies wear

  1. Mom says:

    One of my favorite outfits on Pax! (Is it ok to call boys clothes items “outfits”?)

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