The Secret Weapon

We started reading “Happiest Baby on the Block”.  This book has changed
my life.  The author’s premise is that for the first 3 months, babies
are more like fetuses than actual babies, so in order to best comfort
them, you need to create a “womb-like environment”.  Which is how Mike,
at 2AM the other morning, found himself holding a tightly swaddled
Raines, rocking maniacally, while my ancient, scary-loud hairdryer was
turned on full blast.  Not how I envision a “womb-like environment”,
but Raines loves it.  LOVES it.  The hairdryer will silence the loudest
of cries in seconds.  SECONDS.  To demo, I’ve included a video that never fails to crack me up.  We keep the hairdryer on the floor, and
both of us have learned how to turn the thing off and on with our
feet.  God, the author should get a nobel prize or something.

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