Baby Dance Party

IMG_1002 Raines had a baby meltdown at the grocery store yesterday.  I think I
overestimated how much time I had between feedings.  I walked to the
store with Raines in the stroller (which he loves)…but when I
actually entered the store it evidently didn’t mimic the off-roading
his gets going over the sidewalk in the ‘hood…because the Creature
woke up.  He started making little unhappy noises, but I
knew….Creature stirring is trouble.  I started zooming around the
store, throwing things into the basket.  Raines/Creature, realizing
that I’m trying to actually GROCERY SHOP instead of paying attention to
him, starts to scream.  I take him out of the stroller and try to
finish shopping, carrying him in one arm while firing stuff into the
basket which is now the lone occupant of said stroller.  However,
Creature is only calmed if he can do his yoga-baby-backbend (see
previous blog for photos) which would be FINE except it looks like I am
a horrible mother who doesn’t know how to carry her baby properly.  And
Creature isn’t really content, he’s still crying a bit and kicking his
legs.  Despite all of this, I am pleasantly surprised by my skill at
maneuvering a stroller full of groceries with one hand.   Also, I
learned that one CAN shop for groceries in 6 minutes flat.  Creature
saves the full meltdown for when we’re waiting in the checkout aisle. 
In desperation (and no hairdryer available) I switch into my last
sure-fire calming technique.  I shimmy in place, singing in his ear: 
“shakeIt-shakeIt-shakeIt….baby dance party”.  He’s still yelling. 
(Louder, Mum!)  So again, louder:  “ShakeIt-ShakeIt-ShakeIt…BABY
DANCE PARTY!”  Raines is calm, I am beet red, other shoppers are
giggling..but whatever.  As far as Raines is concerned, I am a
shimmy-ing, one handed stroller wielding, grocery shopping rockstar. 

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