Missing Nana and Grandpa

1.20.08.RainesWilliam 017.6 My
parents left this weekend.  They left with the impression that we had a
“perfect baby.”  Raines IS perfect – when they are around.  True to
form, he’s been a pistol since they left.  Come back, Nana &
Grandpa!!  Luckily, the books I ordered from Amazon came in the mail
today.  I’m hoping “Happiest Baby on the Block” will give me a little
insight.  I also ordered books on how to raise a boy who is in touch
with his feelings, and one on how to best educate boys.  Wow, that’s
geeky.  Mike jokes that if I want sensitive, I should just put him in
ballet.  I don’t understand what the joke is — ballet is great for
coordination!!!  :)  All I know is that with Mike’s gene pool AND mine,
football is NOT for this kid.   Hmmm…hockey is also pretty rough.  Ok
Grandpa — here’s the deal:  You come back in April or I’m not letting
this kid play hockey.  He won’t even know how to skate.  Yeah, I mean
it.   Playing dirty — that’s what grandkids REALLY are good for. 

Seriously – we miss you guys.  What an amazing visit.  xoxoxoxoxo

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