Brother Snuggles

I live for these moments:

The best? When Pax was pissed at me (for some horrible offense like restricting his chocolate chip intake) and went running & crying into his brother’s arms. The. Best.

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2 Responses to Brother Snuggles

  1. What is it with them and the chocolate chips? I mean like…I like them but…oh wait I get it now. When we get Vesper out of bed in the morning I say ‘Want some breakfast?’ and she says ‘Choctaw!’ (transl: chocolate) meaning either chocolate hazelnut butter on toast or chocolate chips in her yogurt…

  2. Mom says:

    Shana, love, love, love this picture. Raines is so nurturing. Lane, I understand that the children of French moms start everyday with a piece of chocolate, isn’t that correct, Shana?

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