From the mouth of Raines….

I haven’t done one of these in….almost a year.  Wow.  But our morning drives to school often bring up some real gems.

In response to playing the “I love you more than….”  game in the car:  Mum, I love you more than how much you talk.

In response to my (apparent) grumpy face: “Why you not happy Mum?”  I answer.  “Well, tell me when you get happy.”

After hearing that Mike would only get one box of crayons a year because he didn’t have much money growing up: “I have WOTS of money!  I get whatever toys I want!”  (Yeah, we took a mental note.  That sh*t is about to change.)

In response to my question of what he wanted for lunch: a peanut butter and jelly or a peanut butter and honey sandwich?  “I want jelly and honey.”

On his favorite addition to hot chocolate:  “Mom, you got any candy cans?”

Describing the coolest part of his Christmas present from Gram (Mike’s mom):  “It comes with a camote control!!”

On knowing waaaay more about ‘that time of the month’ than any four year old should:  “Mom you need a pom-pom?”  (I am confused and ask him to clarify.)  “For the blud?”  OMG.  HE MEANT TAMPON.  I DIE.

On discussing his nap one day:  

Raines:  “Mom, how long my nap will be?”

Me:  “How long to you think you need today?

Raines:  “Hmmmm…probably one minute.”

On getting too hot in the back seat of the car:  “Dad, you put the window down? A little more?  Like half a spoon more?”

On saying goodnight to Nana at Gulf Shores: “Nana, I will meet you tomorrow at the beach!” (said while wearing his sunglasses in the dark)

After playing monsters with Mike:  “Dad is the best monster-beater in the world!”  BWAHAHAHAHA!!  He has NO idea why this is so funny, obviously.

Reminding me (by the nickname he gave me) to refer to him as Hercules:  “Don’t you mean Hercules, Princess-Dancer?”

His adorable pronunciation of bathroom:  “bafrum”

On my ability to back out of the driveway…observed while Mike is driving:  “Mom, see how Dad doesn’t go over bumpy things when he backs up?  You always go over bumpy things when you back up.”  Thanks, kid.  I’ll remember this one.  (BTW bumpy things = curb)

To Pax, one morning, said in the sweetest voice:  “Good morning, Chubbers.”

Being Super-heros...Hercules, I think.

Being super-serious Super-heros…Hercules, I think.

Remarking on Santa, one recent morning:  “I hope Santa doesn’t bring any more instruments….but you get what you get from him I guess.”

In response to me cracking up at something he said:  “Mom, that is the biggest smile in the WHOLE WORLD.”

And this morning, waking me up:  “Wanna go downstairs for breakfast, Babe?”

With you?  Babe, I’ll go anywhere.



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7 Responses to From the mouth of Raines….

  1. Colleen says:

    You are so true and hysterical! Love it, as a Grandmother, and family longtime friend. Hugs, C

  2. Sarah says:


  3. Amanda says:

    This made me light up…I can’t wait for these days with J!

  4. mdraugelis says:

    These kids! Love love love

  5. Mary Bartels Schneider says:

    OMG I think I peed my pants when I read the one about the pom poms. HILARIOUS! This kid of yours Shana is awesome! They come up with some real gems. My Max is just like that, Cole is not as quick now that he’s older, but he has some good ones too. I don’t remember what life was like before my boys. I can tell you that I was never loved as much before. :o) Keep smilin’!

  6. DrKimme says:

    totally adorable!!!! Love the one about ‘pom-pom’. My daughter (17 mos) just tried to put on a pantyliner the other day (she literally pulled down her pants, stuck it in , and pulled them back up). I was equal parts amused and embarrassed… they are sponges!

  7. Annie Pannie says:

    Your boys are awesome!

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