You Know How You Can Be Looking Riiiight At Them, But Not Really Seeing?

So we got this new lens – a prime lens, it’s called.  Which works differently than our other lenses.  There’s no zoom, for one thing, and you have to focus it yourself?  I think?  Anyway, it’s hard to get used to.

But I’m trying.  I just finished the most amazing online photography course and am having SO MUCH FUN.

But this lens is tricky.

So anyway, I was futzing around with the camera during R’s nap.  Pax was up (they are on opposite schedules, GROAN) and had climbed up on the step-stool so he could stand at the counter and play with whatever.

Whatever, in this case, being my full mug of luke-warm hot chocolate/egg nog excitement gone slightly awry (no, no alcohol involved).

So Pax grabbed a spoon and would stir it, taste it, then shriek.  Then stir, taste, shriek.  And the kid continued to play like this for roughly 20 minutes straight as I snapped a few pics.

Then things started to get ugly.

He finally realized that mugs have a pour feature.

And this face was when he realized that there was a waterfall of chocolate hitting his little feet:

As I ran around like a maniac and tried to clean up the floor, Pax realized that there was another fun toy left out for him by his idiot mother:

That hand (excuse the blurriness) is covered in unsweetened cocoa powder, people.  I had left out the can of cocoa powder.


I wipe him down and change him and run out to quickly find the broom.  But the little sucker is fast.  This is what I return to:

You lookin’ for this, Mum?

Yes. Yes I was.


He wins.

So I let him play happily (hearing, at one point, a spitty PBBBBBTTTT!!! after he shoved unsweetened cocoa powder into his mouth – live and learn, kid) until he was done playing.  And for Pax, done is DONE.  He’s really quite clear on this point.

Mike was coming home late – he had a holiday boondoggle business meeting that involved cocktails (Oh, the trials of Mr. Important)…so I was seriously tempted to leave this for him:

For the record, I did NOT.

In related news, we are out of wine.

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5 Responses to You Know How You Can Be Looking Riiiight At Them, But Not Really Seeing?

  1. Sarah says:

    Love it Shana! Been there…I just found your blog after reading ANMJ relgiously for the past few months. I’m the lady who lives in Sydney and follows your fashion advice. It’s going well!

  2. Mom says:

    If you lived in Marquette, I would have rushed over to help you. We always have extra bottles of wine. Sigh.

  3. Dr. Kiki says:

    so good. Oh Pax, so good. (and your pictures are beautiful)

  4. Jessica says:

    Hahahaha! I wish you had girls. . .I’d love to hear your perspective on my snotty 8 year old! Do you have any more blogs I should be reading? (So far, found this one and ANMJ).

  5. Kristen P says:

    Pax is starting to look like Raines, but with the ginger hair (just as we predicted). Good luck S, when they get to about 13 years old, you’re gonna be in trouuuuuble with those flirty young girls. I know, I was one of them.

    P.S. The third pic might just be the greatest pic of Pax ever to surface. Love it.

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