Raines’ First Wish

We arrived at the Farmer’s Market on Saturday.

Raines turned to me – “Mom! You have penny?  I want to make a wish!”

Hunh.  This is new.  I have no idea where he learned what a wish is, much less that you actually need a penny to make one.  I handed him a penny.  Solemnly, he walked over to the fountain, paused, then threw in his penny.

“What did you wish for Raines?” I asked.

“I WISH for a HUG!” he shouted gleefully.

Well.  There was really only one choice – I scooped him up into a huge hug.  “Your wish just came true, buddy!” I said.  He grinned and gave me one more good squeeze.  We went off in search of chocolate bread.

If only I could make all of his wishes come true.  At least for a few more years.  My baby.







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1 Response to Raines’ First Wish

  1. Diane Mullinax says:

    Now that is precious. The first time my Annika threw a penny in a fountain, what did she wish for? “A dollar.” 🙂

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