From the mouth of Raines….

Before I forget, here are a few of my favorite Raines phrases from the last several months.  Sadly, he’s already grown out of some of them (like “slowy motion“).  Sob.

On his older Hot Wheels cars…..

[disgustedly]  “They go slowy motion.”

On trying to carry something large…. “It’s too big for me.  I want bigger hands.”

During his first eye exam, as the nurse was pointing to a small picture of a hand…..”Hand” Raines intoned.  “Wuf BONES.”

While playing around with clay:  “Mom!  I’m looking really hard for you Mom!  I made you a heart, Mom! That means I love you!”

While wrestling with his brother: [uncontrollable giggling]  “We are puttin’ slobber on each othver and makin’ us waugh!”

While biking with Mike:  “I’m outta power.  Gotta recharge.”

On trying to describe his lego tower.  The word he’s looking for is middle….

“I thought red was on the bottom…but it was kinda on top.”

[thinks some more]

“White on top, red on taller top, blue on super tall top!”

While trying to fall asleep by himself….“MOM!  I need some help snuggling!”

After falling and smashing his head… “the earf shook!”

After Pax fell off the bed…..“Whoa, Mom! He was wike a bird!”

On describing the motion of a swing: “This moves back and forwith!”

On anything that causes him to wait – we hear this one several times a day….  “It’s taking fur a WONG TIME!”

While trying to remember where he had left his green ball… “Let me use my big stwrong brain!”

And yesterday….“Mom!  My heart is FULL of SUPER-HEROS!!!”

Yes it is, Baby.

This kid is a trip.  I seriously couldn’t love him more.



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2 Responses to From the mouth of Raines….

  1. Mike says:

    Thank you so much for writing it down honey. Love you.

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