Dear Dacian

The Best White Elephant Christmas Gift EVER Dear Dacian:

Thank you so much for giving my parents a hamster at the Mulvany’s White Elephant Christmas Party.  I loved him!  See how cute he is?  I wanted to keep him, but then Mum read that Chinese hamsters are really, really fast – which makes them hard to catch, and really small.  I guess they can easily squeeze through the bars of the cage if they want.  Which would be pretty cool – I could get up every morning and try to find the hamster!  It’s like “Elf on the Shelf”, but would last all year!

I was a little sad to have to take him back to the pet store, but not as disappointed as Mum and Dad.  I think they were hoping that they pet store wouldn’t take him back….they had some red suit and white beard in the trunk, and Dad kept saying things like, “Ho Ho Ho!  Merry Christmas, Ben!!”  But I don’t know what that was about.

Anyway, I really can’t thank you enough for thinking of me this Christmas.  But Mum said not to worry:  we can get you a really SWEET gift next year to make up for it.

Peace OUT,


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1 Response to Dear Dacian

  1. Nicole says:

    I think you should have photo shopped this last pix of Raines with an xo to Dacian b/c that face has devious and a “just you wait” expression on it. Hands down that was THE best WE exchange moment in the last five years EVER. And even more fitting you picked it. Lesson learned. Never go for the big box again.

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