Fun in the snow! (damn it)

Ok so Shana and I are doing our best to make sure Raines knows his stock came from the cold Michigan tundra. We’ve created the following short “snow fun” checklist to help ensure that Raines equates the snowy cold ouside with fun.
1. We’ve surounded every winter outing with hot chocolate and marshmellows,
2. We’ve outfitted him in snow gear that guarentees to maintain body temp in a three day blizzard (no snow cave required).
3. and finally we’ve done every fun activity in the snow for a 2-yr old. There’s been snow ball throwing, snow angels, snow tracks, snow fort, snow man, and finally sledding.
In each case he looks at use like we’re crazy and/or repeats “done, done, done,…”. Keep in mind this is the 2-year old kid that will jump off the three foot bananna at the Cherry Creek mall. The kid just doesn’t like the cold.

This brings use to or latest attempt at “FUN IN THE SNOW damn it”! We’re visiting my mom in Grand Rapids MI and the whole fam is there. But specificly Raines’ three older cousins Jack (7), Ryan (6), and Kyle (4). In Raines eyes you just can’t get cooler then these three. So Shana and I go though the “snow fun” (aka “no fun”) check list
1. Hot chocolate. Check
2. thermal survivale gear. Check
3. Cool older cousines having maximum sledding fun. Check.
And the result is…

Ps here’s how snow angels went

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