What’cha Been Watching There, Mike?

Raines, Pax and I are on our Friday lunch date.  Raines is sitting there, lost in thought.  Then suddenly, we have this conversation:

R: Mom?  There was this girl?  She…she…DOVE…into the water in a swimmmin suit and when she came back up she jus’ wanted to be all naked, Mom.

Me:  Wha??

R (incredulous):  Yup.  She was jus’ bare – no clothes, no nuffin all over.

Me:  Where was this?

R:  I don’t know Mom.  I was jus’ watchin.

Me:  Watching….where?  Like on TV?

R:  Yeah.  Dad and I were jus’ watchin on TV and MAN…naked.

Me (primly):  Perhaps the water was too warm.


I don’t even want to know.

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4 Responses to What’cha Been Watching There, Mike?

  1. Anne Dunlap says:

    Hey Shana! Wanted to tell you a story that you just reminded me of, but didn’t know if it was appropriate to appear as a comment… Once, when Toni’s oldest was about Raines’ age, I was watching Return of the Jedi with him. He got very agitated over the Princess Leia in a god bikini scene. When she was tied up to Jabba the Hut he yelled, “Ooooh, she’s almost naked! Aunt Anne, my crotch feels funny….”

    Yuck, the world of boys! Toni got very depressed when she got home and I told her about it 🙂



  2. mdraugelis says:

    It was abc news covering Marilyn Monroe’s anniversary. I guess it was a little racey but I had no idea he was paying attention to the news. Sheesh.

  3. Eastern Babe says:

    OMG, I will DIE when this happens! This settles it though: there is no denying the universal appeal of Marylin Monroe (and Princess Leia).

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