Raines’ First Haircut

My sister-in-law Krysta commented on my last post, Welcoming Pax Sylvester, that she was struck by how Jakob (her oldest son) seemed so old the minute they brought home the new baby.

Yes.  It’s happening here, too.  My little man, my buddy is growing up.

Can I say I hate it?  Because…I do.  Or at least part of me does.  But part of me is starting to let go…a process that, I’m starting to realize, will take me the next 20?  40 years?  A process that for me, started officially on Saturday.  When my baby got his first haircut.  (Sarah, I know you are laughing.)

A lollipop did the trick...

Mike loves this pic - look at my face - I'm SO uncomfortable!

Adrienne (our stylist and dear friend) is reassuring me, LOL!


Seriously…what was I worried about?  LOL



ps.  Yes, Mike was the one to make the appointment.

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4 Responses to Raines’ First Haircut

  1. Scotti says:

    Ok, I have to say that my personal favorite pic is the one where you can see the whole family in the mirror. Raines is doing just fine with his lollipop, Mum is noticeably uncomfortable with this whole situation (despite the half smile on her face), and Mike is crouching down, documenting the entire thing with his professional camera. HA . . . Oh, how this captures it all perfectly!! Love it!

  2. Colleen says:

    Too funny. He really does remind me of Josef!! They almost look like brothers.

  3. Paulette Lindberg says:

    So cute – is gramma there yet?

    • Tina Ostwald says:

      Paulette, I would have been there if not for the snow storm and my canceled flight. I’m back at home, of course, getting caught up on mail, email, Facebook, etc.

      Shana, love these pics! He does look a bit older in these shots, doesn’t he?

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