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Moms Living Dangerously

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Bye-Bye Brother

Poor Pax.  I don’t think he quite understands that there is an age difference between himself and Raines.  And he hates when Raines goes off to school without him (these are the mornings when Mike brings Raines to school). Raines … Continue reading

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4 Going On 14….

Liz (nanny) took the boys to music class on Thursday.  We had just gotten back from Gulf Shores the night before, so those two hours were the longest time (in over two weeks) that I hadn’t been with my boys. … Continue reading

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Dad: 0, Mom: 2

I’m two for two.  Both Raines and Pax’s first words were “mom”.  Or, in Raines’ case, “mum” as in “mum mum mum mum mum” and in Pax’s case, “mahm” or “mahm mahm MA MA MA MA MA” depending if I’m … Continue reading

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You Know How You Can Be Looking Riiiight At Them, But Not Really Seeing?

So we got this new lens – a prime lens, it’s called.  Which works differently than our other lenses.  There’s no zoom, for one thing, and you have to focus it yourself?  I think?  Anyway, it’s hard to get used … Continue reading

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