The One Where I Shamelessly Brag About Raines

For the last several months, my dining room has looked like this:






It started sometime after Easter.  The Easter Bunny brought this:


And this book, this wonderful book, inspired Raines to paint nothing but flowers.  Over & over & over again.  


The book is about a girl and her Grandfather who paint a garden.  R was fascinated seeing how the painting came together step-by-step.


He became obsessed with painting flowers.  Of all different types. He practiced painting the flowers in the book, he checked out flower books from the library, we looked up pictures of flowers on the internet, he picked flowers outside….

For several weeks, Mike would come home from work to find this:


I mean really.  I was in heaven.

And then?  Just like that?  It was over.  He was done with flowers.  D-O-N-E.  And promptly returned to drawing missiles.

But it was nice while it lasted.  The paintings have been brightening my dining room for over four(!!) months now.  I’m having trouble taking them down.  But with kindergarten starting next week….it’s time for a clean slate.  I know.


I’m not ready to let go.


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3 Responses to The One Where I Shamelessly Brag About Raines

  1. Mom says:

    Love them all! Here’s a plan: Pick out your favorite and send to Nana. I will put it on my fridge, along with the other two that Raines gave me. Put several in his folder and take pictures of the rest. Then place all in an envelope to be discarded at some future date. Baby steps.

  2. Arlene says:

    Great idea Tina. …maybe Raines work can be used as wrapping paper – gift cards? It is all so colourful!

  3. chez says:

    The last photo with the balloon… so powerful. Speed bumps ahead. Yes.

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