The Dat and the Nake

Pax and I have a new game.  We play it everyday, for as long as I can possibly stand it.   Or as long as my knees can possibly stand it.  (Admittedly, some of this shit gets old fast.)  The game starts by Pax gesturing up at me:  “NEK!” he’ll cry.  I get down on all fours, and Pax climbs up on my back, wrapping his arms around my neck.  Once he’s on, I crawl around the living room floor.  Pax taps my head, “dat!” he reminds me.  “Dat, Mummy!  Dat!”  I meow in response.  Obviously, because that’s the sound a dat makes.   So I’m crawling and meowing like a dat and Pax is just holding on, loving it.  Then he’ll shout a warning: “NAKE!!!”  At that, he’ll leap off my back and point, yelling again, “NAKE!!”  I meow in a scared voice.  He swivels back around and shushes me, holding his finger up to his lips.

“SSSSSSHHHHH…..nake.”  Pax warns.  “Nake.”  Then he’ll tiptoe in the ridiculously exaggerated fashion that only a two-year-old can…..and let loose with some sort of spiderman gun-thing:  “TCHOO!! TCHOO-TCHOO!!”

“NAKE!” he’ll shriek.  Then, in a low voice, “DED”.  Now he strikes a dramatic pose, hands on hips.  I think he saw Superman do this once.  Even at two, he is oddly convincing.  Once the pose has been held for a sufficient length of time, he runs back over to his dat, and climbs on.  I start crawling again.  “Dat!” he reminds me with a pat on my head.  Oh yeah.  Meow, I say.  Meeooow.

Until, of course, he spots another nake.  


ps.  How hysterical are these little tights for boys? LOVE

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5 Responses to The Dat and the Nake

  1. Mom says:

    Love Dat; love Nake; love tights; love the pose; love this little guy. So stinking cute, Shana! xxoo

  2. Paulette lindberg says:

    Never fails. You always make me laugh. But I don’t like dats n Nakes.

  3. Robin says:

    Adorable! Where did you find those tights?? Micah would go nuts for them!

  4. Scotti says:

    Love this! 🙂

  5. Eastern Babe says:

    What an expertly captured moment (although probably technically way longer than a “moment”) between you two! I’m thinking of the pic of P impossibly adorably fat in his swim diaper on ANMJ from just a few summers ago. How does the time just FLY by when you are a Mom?

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