Friday Nothings

These pictures aren’t of any real importance.  They represent no milestones, there are no funny stories attached.  They are just pictures from a Friday night.  Pictures where we are doing something that we’ve done before and will do again.  Pictures I could just as easily take a few weeks from now, or that could have been taken months ago.

It’s just pizza, really.  Mike has his beer, I have my wine.



Pax is working on his pizza fold and hamming it up for the camera.


Raines humors me.  A bit.


This is it.  Our Friday night.  Just the four of us, a pizza and drinks.  Two kiddos who are very excited that their Dad doesn’t have to work the next day.


With kids this young, sometimes I feel like we’re living in a bubble.  (But in a good way.)  They are just so content – content with themselves, with life in general.  Mike and I buzz around doing and cleaning and planning and rushing, and yet they are just there.  Totally present, totally in the moment, and totally, completely thrilled with our simple Friday night.

It’s the best night of their week.


Time, please stop.

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3 Responses to Friday Nothings

  1. Tina says:

    Oh, God, I remember these times. So precious. So fleeting.

  2. Kristen says:

    I’m always saying “this, right here is perfect. it can never get any better.” and it does. Life is wonderful.

    • sdraugelis says:

      Thanks for this. I always have the sneaking suspicion that this is the best life could possibly be, and that it will just go downhill from here. I am really hoping I’m wrong. 🙂

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