From The Mouth of Raines….

Gosh.  My last post on Raines-isms was back in May.  He’s changed so much in the last five months that some of these no longer sound like him.  There are very few baby-ish pronunciations anymore.  Sob!  Happily, there’s really no shortage of funny from that kid.

After taking a picture of him and his brother:  You gonna Facebook that, Mom?

His latest bedtime stall tactic (said to Mike):  But I want to give you and Mom a hug AT THE SAME TIME.

When I’m peppering him with (apparently) too many questions:  MOO!  You’re breaking my questions!

Counting (back in June):  nine, ten, firteen, fifteen, secondteen…

After watching Star Wars:  “Mom, I fink Luke Skywalker’s hand is a powerful magnet.  It’s how he gets his light saber.  UHHHHHH”  (trying)

Slumped over his bike, halfway up the hill:  Mom, I lost my fast.

On eyeing my piece of chocolate:  Mom, since you only have one piece of chocolate…I’ll give you a hundred dollars so I can eat it.

On a bowl of cereal that Mike poured for him:  Mom, I think I need some help from you.  One man can’t eat this cereal.  It’s more than one man can eat.

On picking through his Hot Wheels cars, deciding which one to use:  Mom, this car is so dammit because it always crashes.

After watching Imagine, the John Lennon tribute in London Olympic’s closing ceremonies:  Not the people, Mom, but Planet Earth?  Was Planet Earth sad after John Lennon died?

On discussing what we’ll do on Friday, where I propose a trip to the zoo:  I’m jus’ not a zoo guy, Mum.

After getting hurt:  Mom, I feel like I need a new leg.

On his new-found friend, his penis:  THIS BIG PEEPEE IS GONNA EXPLODE THE WHOLE TOWN!!!

And sometimes he’s just like Mike:  A few weeks ago, Pax was climbing up onto his chair, and somehow completely fell off.  The poor thing hit his head so hard.  I scooped him up, and was “rocking it out” in the rocker while he sobbed.  R rushed over.  “Pax?” says Raines.  “Here.  I brought you two boat books, two babies and – WAIT!”  He rushes to the freezer.  “Here’s the boo-boo frog, Pax!”  (The boo-boo frog is an icepack that Raines is all-too familiar with.)  I put the icepack to Pax’s forehead, but it’s too cold and makes him cry harder.  “Oh, buddy” I say.  “We need something to put over it…like a tshirt, maybe.”  Without hesitation, Raines whips off his shirt.  “Here you go, Mum!  Right now, it’s better if I’m cold, not Pax.”  I stare at him in disbelief.  “Wow, Raines…” I finally say.  “That was really nice of you.”  Raines is nonchalant.  “It was my pleasure Mom.”

Also?  When I ask him to take out the trash:  “Of course, Mom!  I’d love to.”  That’s all Mike.  That right there.

Yet sometimes….he’s so much like me:  Tonight, we walked to Carlinos for bread, just Raines and I.  He spotted a plane and wanted to know where it was going so late at night.  I told him that some places are so far away, you have to fly all night long…like London, where the Olympics were, or Paris or Scotland or- then Raines interrupted me:  “Do they speak Spanish Mom?”  I explained that they do speak Spanish in Spain, and that they speak French in Paris and-  and then he interrupts again:  “Mom…you know all the worlds out there you talk about?”  I nod.  He’s thoughtful for a second.  “I wanna see each one.”  And that little heartfelt wish was so familiar, that pull to unfamiliar places so strong that my heart stopped for a moment.  I fell to my knees, scooping Raines up in a huge hug.  We stared at each other, small smiles on our faces.  Kindred spirits to the core.  “Baby….someday, we’ll go to those places together” I told him.  He smiled at me.  I smiled back.  And then hand in hand, we went home for dinner.

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1 Response to From The Mouth of Raines….

  1. Mom says:

    Raines is such an insightful, funny, tender little guy. You and Raines seem to have an intangible thread that binds you together. I think it’s the kind of thing that we as parents most hope to have with our own children. Sometimes an awareness that it’s there is all that is needed. Great post, honey. XXOO

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