Weekend Philly Fun – Boat Rides, and Goodbye to Morgan St. Pier (and Summer…sob!)

Last weekend, we took a boat ride.  Pax is boat-obsessed, so we thought this would be fun.  And, you know…it was.  But there were a few times that were touch-and-go with the Crazy Beast That Is Pax.  It wouldn’t surprise me if the AJ Meerwald ups their minimum age in the future.

The ride was actually really cool. And once P chilled out, both boys just…relaxed.

They were able to help hoist the ropes…

 And Raines got to steer!

Captain Raines.

This weekend, thanks to our fabulous neighbors, we stuffed ourselves on homemade arapas, celebrated the last day of summer….

…and made it down for one last dinner at Morgan St. Pier.  It closes for the season next weekend.  One of our all-time favorite places.

We went early, intending to get back home like responsible parents and put the kids to bed.

And then it started to rain.  Like…sheets of rain.  We were stuck in the bar for a couple of hours (darn!).

It never actually stopped raining.  At 10PM, we decided to make our move.  As nice as everybody was (especially about the kids)…you know.  10PM + bar + tired kids is just not a recipe for a good time.  So we braved the rain.

And got soaked.

Pax wasn’t sure what the hell was going on….but it was totally worth it.

Now Hello, Philly Fall.



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2 Responses to Weekend Philly Fun – Boat Rides, and Goodbye to Morgan St. Pier (and Summer…sob!)

  1. Colleen says:

    You will all need to do Windjammer cruise!!

  2. Kristen P. says:

    So, what you’re trying to say (in all these words and AWESOME pics) is that Philly > Denver, and you’ll never move back and leave me!??! Haha, just kidding. Love your posts and miss you guys!

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