Bye-Bye Brother

Poor Pax.  I don’t think he quite understands that there is an age difference between himself and Raines.  And he hates when Raines goes off to school without him (these are the mornings when Mike brings Raines to school).

Raines (typically) understands, and does what he can, as a little four-year-old big brother.

There’s “I love yous” said and kisses goodbye…

There’s always peeking back in through the door…

And this morning?  There were some ah-dor-able window kisses:

And then it was just Pax.  Waiting, again, for his brother to return.

God I love these boys.



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1 Response to Bye-Bye Brother

  1. olschnoegger says:

    What an EXCELLENT big brother.

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