4 Going On 14….

Liz (nanny) took the boys to music class on Thursday.  We had just gotten back from Gulf Shores the night before, so those two hours were the longest time (in over two weeks) that I hadn’t been with my boys.

I missed them.  A lot.

So when they walked back in the house, I pounced.  R had run back upstairs for something, but Pax was slower.  I covered him in kisses, which he returned, delighted and slobbery.  We totally make out.  I love it.

Then I looked around for Raines.  Still upstairs.

“Raines!!”  I yell.  “Come down here!  Mum needs some snuggles!!”

“What?”  he responds, voice slightly muffled.  “I’m in the BATHROOM.”

“Ok!” I reply.  “When you are done, come down here and give me some snuggles!”

“Snuggles?  Why?” he yells back down.

“Because I missed you!!”  I shout.

“You missed me?” he asks, incredulous.  I mean OK – it was only 2 hours, but still.

“Yes!” I respond.  “I missed my boys!!”

A long pause.  Then a sigh. “WhatEVER” he says in a bored voice.  “I’ll give you a hug when I’m done.”

OMG.  Really?  We’re here already?  Sob.

And I know I’m totally turning into one of those mothers (GOD HELP ME I NEED A DAUGHTER TO STAY NORMAL-ISH)….but I just think he’s the coolest.  And looking so old lately.


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