Dad: 0, Mom: 2

I’m two for two.  Both Raines and Pax’s first words were “mom”.  Or, in Raines’ case, “mum” as in “mum mum mum mum mum” and in Pax’s case, “mahm” or “mahm mahm MA MA MA MA MA” depending if I’m listening.

(Despite the fact that all of the books say that “Da da” is the easier word to pronounce.  Just sayin’.)

But Pax is now 14 months old.  And should be saying, according to our one-year checkup, roughly 6 words.  But Pax has exactly one:  MA.  Or maybe two, if you can consider the differing pronunciation of “mahm” vs “ma”.

Yeah, the doctor didn’t buy it either.

But little P is just fine.  The kid communicates his needs quite clearly.  He just doesn’t feel the need to talk.  Although he does make some random sounds “boo boo goo goo oo oo” etc….he seems more focused on hearing his voice rather than trying to say an actual word. (NOTE: He will occasionally say “Nana”…but I don’t like to remind Mike of that.)

But still.  “Da da” would be nice.  Especially since he loves Mike.

R was such a mama’s boy for so long that I forget how much Mike missed.  For example, Mike didn’t put Raines down to sleep until the kid was almost 18 months.  (Not because Mike wasn’t willing…R just wanted his mum at night, and I was only too happy to oblige.)  But Pax?  He’s crazy about Mike.  When Mike gets home from work, Pax would crawl (and now fat-boy run) to Mike as fast as his chubbies will carry him.   And if Mike doesn’t immediately pick him up?  Total.  Meltdown.  Mike kinda loves this.  And who could blame him?  It’s adorable.

So one would think Pax would make an attempt at saying “Dad”.   He knows Mike is Dad, and will point to him when asked “Where’s Dad???”  So…you know.  He *should* say it, right?

But now it’s a thing.  And I think that Pax gets that it’s a thing.

I was trying to get P down for a nap, and he was going through one of his many stages of Going Down To Sleep (more on that later)…and was in his “Make Cute Noises” phase.  I’m well-versed in Pax, however, so was purposely ignoring the torrent of cute.  Then he busted out, “Da da!”


“Da da!!”

Pause.  Grabs my face and makes me look at him:  “Da da!! Da da!  Da Da!!”

“Pax”, I ask.  “Are you saying Dad?”

“Dadadadadada!” he replies with a large grin.

“You’re saying Dad!!  Oh my gosh!  Say it again, Pax!! Say Dad!!”

“Da da” says Pax.

“Let’s call Dad right now!!  Where’s Mummy’s phone?  Let’s call Dad!!”

I start dialing.  “Pax, say it one more time!!”

Pax smirks.

“Pax?  Say Dad!”

Pax gives me baby-side-eye.  “Mahm” he says with an evil grin.  “Mahm mahm mahm mahm.”

“No, Pax!  Say Dad!  DAD!  Da da!  Like that:  DA DA”

“MA MA MA MA MA MA”.  Then he laughs.  Pax LAUGHS.

So no “Da da” for Mike.  None the rest of the day, nothing that night.  But it’s just coincidence, right?  A funny story? I mean, a 14-month-old can’t really get that it’s actually a thing…right?

Mike left for work this morning.  Pax turned to me after he left.  “Dad?” he asks.  “Sorry buddy” I reply.  “Dad left for work.”

“Da da” he says sadly.

“Pax! Did you just say Dad??”

Pax smirks.  “Mahm mahm mahm” he says.

Then laughs.

Uh-oh.  This kid might be smarter than he lets on.

This is what Pax does during R's pre-school drop-off.



Although, on further inspection, the book is upside-down.

He is a tricky one, that Pax.

You decide:



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2 Responses to Dad: 0, Mom: 2

  1. Lane says:

    V definitely does not say 6 words…unless…does woof woof woof count as three? Love hearing about how unique Raines and Pax are, that has to be a highlight of having two!

  2. sdraugelis says:

    woof woof woof totally counts as three!

    And YES – they are SO different…and it’s funny, there’s so much out there about not comparing your children, but I can see why that’s hard: you just DELIGHT in their differences. It seems that we (as kids) interpret it differently….but at the heart, I just love the difference. 🙂

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