F is for Fun on the 4th…

We’re back in Denver to pack up our stuff.  (sob!)  This might be a marital low point.  Good thing Mike’s tush looks hot in jeans.

But anyway.   We’re here and have just had the most amazing weekend with friends.  Capped off by the most perfect Fourth of July at Lakeside Amusement Park.  Totally retro and totally fun.  Amazing pics.

Raines and Meara waiting to board the roller coaster


Bring it.

I was a little nervous, but…

They LOVED it.

Until Raines lost his hat. He was so annoyed. We could see Meara talking him through it, LOL! The operator went and retrieved it afterwards.

My HAT???

And seriously? Is there anything cuter than two little BFF’s on a Ferris Wheel?

I think not.

And here’s little Soph. She was feeling a bit nervous, and didn’t want to go on any of the rides.

Sweet Pea Sophia

She was so reminding me of my sister.  And, just like Scotti, she really couldn’t care less that she was “missing out” on the rides.  She had a blast just watching and hanging out.  I love when kids don’t give into the pressure.  She is her own little (awesome) person.  Love it.

Love you all!  Happy Fourth!



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2 Responses to F is for Fun on the 4th…

  1. Mom says:

    Love, love, love these pics, Shana. These three are so adorable. Raines (with his arms in the air) looks as though he’s saying, “Yes! This is going to be awesome! But I’m not sure.”

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