The Things He Says…

I swear, he just gets more fun.  He is so verbal, and getting a little hint of what is going on inside that 2 year old mind is, at times, frightening “Don’t die, Mum.” WHAT??  or hysterical.   Read on….

He approaches, eyes wide:  “You play wif me?  You play wif my toys wif me?” (How do you say no to that?  You don’t.)

Or waking me up one morning:  “Shhhh…..tigers, Mum.”

Or virtually EVERY night or nap:  “I don’t WIKE seepy time!!  I don’t WIKE SEEPY TIME!  I DON’T WIKE SEEP-“ snore….

He is, however, quite opinionated.  I’m sure this comes as quite a shock.

Raines:  Which way this?
Me:  Left.
Raines:  It not left!!  Which way this?
Me:  Left.
Raines:  It NOT LEFT!!  Which way this?
Me:  Raines, it’s left!
Raines:  NO!! NOT LEFT!! NOT LEFT!!

Not sure how to resolve that one, really.

And he’s been confused by the classification of objects.  For example, how something can be both a dinosaur and a triceratops.  Or whatever.

Raines:  What this, Mum?
Me:  Volkswagon.
Me:  What is it then?
Raines:  Car.

Of course.  Silly me.

I also love when he clarifies his point.  In case I didn’t quite get it:

“I HUUUUNgry, Mum!  Need food NOW.  In my MOUF!” (pointing to his mouth)

And when I was freaking out, leaving him overnight for the first time…(and seriously, I was leaving him with MIKE)….he overheard me worrying and climbed on my lap:  “It OK, Mum” (strokes my cheek).  “I miss you SOO much.”

Wow.  Just takes your breath away sometimes.



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1 Response to The Things He Says…

  1. costwald says:

    Perhaps Raines was asking for a direction like west or east? A possibility? He is so smart! Can’t wait to spend time with you guys in December. Love to you all. xxoo

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