MI Morning in Denver

The Denver Post said it was 36 degrees this morning. After reading more books than he’s ever sat through in his life (Knuffle Bunny and Going on a Bear Hunt being his current favs – Knuffle Bunny was read twice, the second reading requiring his stuffed bunny) I decided to venture out. We’re from MI, for God’s sake!! Raines has managed to grow out of his entire wardrobe in the last 4 days, so we raided his “grow into” box and the kid waddled out of the house in no less than 7 lightweight layers. That should work, right? It was cold. And since we live in Denver, home of the cold-wuss, the streets were deserted. So we walked to Whole Foods for some fair-trade soy hot chocolate. MI roots or not, we are pretty Denver.

It cracks me up how he looks exactly like Mike, sipping coffee, all casual about the whole thing.


We continued home the long way, looking for worms to rescue (3), and pausing every so often to take sips from our cocoa. It was so fun.

And Jen – thanks again for the little red boots. So cute, so warm, so thoughtful of you to save them.

Cold mornings like these make me so homesick.


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