For Mike

I love that you can’t help but smile when you see Raines. 
I love that after a long day at work, alll you want to do is listen to me fill you in on all of the tiny details of our day.
I love that you are the most fun guy that Raines knows, but that you never back down on the discipline, either.
I love that you cook (and clean!) more than I do.
I love that you take my crazy endeavors seriously, regardless of the lack of paycheck.
I love that you treat teaching Raines how to catch like it’s as important as learning how to speak.  Or breathe.
I love that you love snuggling up to us both at night.
I love that you are both the nicest guy I know, and one with a backbone of steel.
I love that you are a constant work in progress.
I love that you know I am too.
I love your compassion, your empathy, and your ability to make us look at the world from outside ourselves.
I love that you make both Raines and I feel safe and cared for. 
I love that when sh**t happens, I know you will be right there beside us.
I love the passion you bring to everything you do.
I love how you smell.
I love how you love our son.
I love how you love me.
I love you.

Baby – you make us so happy.  We are so lucky.  Happy Father’s Day.

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1 Response to For Mike

  1. Mom says:

    Love you, love Mike, love Raines, and love, love, love this post.

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