And One Fell Off and Bumped His Head

Mama called the doctor and the doctor said, “don’t let your kid sleep on the bed unsupervised!


No Kidding.

Guess what happened last weekend?  Yup.  It was Saturday, Raines was napping and I was working on my computer.  He had trouble going down, so instead of moving him to the co-sleeper, I let him nap in our bed.   Usually when he’s there, I pick up the house, doing a drive-by every couple of minutes to make sure he’s still sleeping and not rolling around.  However, I got engrossed in an email (and Mike was studying)….when I heard a loud THUMP!  Then…WAAAAAAHHHH.  Oh God.  I rushed in an Raines was on his back on the ground.  A pile of books broke his fall.  UGH.   Poor little man.  He recovered quickly – quicker than I did (I was shaking and teary for 20 min after)….but I felt like I had let him down.  The world’s worst mother.  But he was fine.  I really wish that was the end of the story.  However…..

….it’s now Monday night.  Mike has given Raines his bath and is in the bedroom doing a baby massage.  Raines is on the bed.  Mike reaches for the baby oil, turns his head for one split second….and yes.  Again.  Raines DIVES headfirst off the bed.  Mike tried to catch him, but it ended up being one of those moments you see in slow motion.  Raines landed right on his face.  From the kitchen I hear a huge crash, SCREAMING (not crying) and my husband’s voice:  “God DAMN it! GOD DAMN it!”  Poor Mike was so mad at himself – he still is.  Anyway, I almost have heart failure on the spot.  I go running into the bedroom – Mike is holding Raines who has blood on his face and is still screaming, and Mike is still yelling “God DAMN IT.”  It was awful.  I grab Raines from Mike, and try to sooth him (Raines, not Mike).  Raines looks terrified and isn’t being helped by Mike’s yelling.  I tell Mike to get a grip, and he responds with a huge sob.  I send him out of the room to collect
himself.  My husband is a strong guy – one of the strongest, but he has two weak spots:  me and Raines.  Poor man.  Mike is gone for a couple of minutes, then comes back, his face impassive.  That’s better.  In-a-ver-y-con-troll-ed-voice, he asks what he can do.  I ask him to remove the clothes from the rocking chair so I can rock Raines.  In about a half of a second, the clothes have flown across the room and the chair is now clear.  Mike, still doing his best impression of a crazy man trying to look calm, asks what else I need.  Good lord.

Long story short, Raines scream/cried for about 10 minutes.  Given that he usually recovers from really nasty spills in about 40 seconds… was a very long 10 minutes.  The blood was from his nose and lip, and he ended up with a bruise across the bridge of his nose.  We called the doctor, and had to wake the little man up every 4 hours for the next two days to watch for concussion. UGH.

Raines is completely fine, but Mike will be recovering for a while.  I was hoping that the two falls, back to back, would instill in Raines a healthy fear of falling off the bed….but every morning, he still attempts to launch himself off.  “Watch this, Mum!!”  He did NOT get that dare-devil stuff from me.  I haven’t fallen while skiing in 6 years – I’m that cautious.  Mike, on the other hand, usually cracks a helmet each season and has never been known to let something like TECHNIQUE slow him down.  Karma strikes again.

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