Give The Ladies What They Want

Ok – so it may not have been food poisoning.  I think I just have a really
bad case of the flu.  Which I gave to Mike.  Having us both sick really
made me miss having family close by.  Luckily, we have some really,
really good friends.  Becky took me in to get more fluids (I keep
getting dehydrated, probably because of nursing) and Scott&Nicole
were on Mike & Raines duty.  Mike was violently ill for about a
day, then was tired for another day and is now fine and eating
cookies.  Of course I am still sick.  Ugh.  But Raines has been
completely fine.  I need to start drinking my own breastmilk.  Becky
keeps encouraging me to “take it like a shot”.  She has never seen me
do a shot….let’s just say that it’s not my strong point.  Anyway. 
Mike and Raines have had some major bonding time this week.  It was
funny watching Mike’s parenting style, which is completely different
than mine.  Before we had Raines, I always thought (mistakenly) that
Mike was the nurturing one, and I was…well…not.  I was wrong.  I’m
the world’s hugest softy and play fun, gentle games that involve lots
of singing, kisses and hugs.  Mike plays games that involve, well, loud
noises.  Play at all costs.  As I’m sleeping, I hear running feet and
yells of “Super Baby!”  as well as the occasional “Upside-Down Baby!” 
Mike comes running in the bedroom swooping Raines around, who promptly
spits up.  “Babe – does he always spit up this much?”  asks Mike. 
Umm….how to answer?  I explain the relationship between spit-up and
Upside-Down Baby.  They swoop out.  Later, Mike plunks Raines down next
to me for a feeding.  Raines is still in his little bedtime onsie. 
Mike wants to know if I think Raines is getting sick…and why? 
Because his hands and feet are cold.  OMG.  The poor kid’s lips are
blue with cold.  But, Raines is still cooing and happy – clearly loving
every minute of Upside-Down Baby, despite the cold and frequent spit
ups.  Mike collapses on the bed, “Soooo….what else do you do with
him?  I’m EXHAUSTED!”  No kidding.  Running and swooping around all day
is tough work.  I suggest reading books, singing songs, etc.  I hear
them in the living room for a bit…then back in they come.  To give
the ladies what they want. OMG.  See video above.

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