A Little ABBA, Anyone?

IMG_1195 I showered today.  It was great.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.  Let me backup.

came to visit us a few weeks ago.  Raines is IN LOVE with his Aunty
Sarah.  As most of you know, Sarah has big blue eyes, a big smile, and
she sang to him constantly.  Raines smiled and flirted the entire time
she was here.  She’s totally his type.  Anyway, Sar and I were hanging
out and gabbing, when she mentioned that she wanted to get Raines some
toys, but she wanted to wait to pick them out until she was in Denver –
you know, to make sure she didn’t get him something he already had. 
So….what toys does Raines have?  I surveyed his room:  there was a
couple of stuffed animals and a baby mirror that makes him cry
(according to Parents magazine and a few million others, all babies
like to look at themselves in mirrors….except, of course, for my
kid).  Suddenly, I remembered – BABY GYM.  My homemade baby gym!  (see
“she’s crafty” blog for pics).  Proudly, I rigged it up, using a couple
of my bracelets.  “Interesting” she said.  Sarah wasn’t nearly as
excited about my baby gym as I was.  She changed the subject to music. 
What music did I play for Raines?  Now in THIS category, I am
PREPARED!  We do a Baby Dance Party almost every day.  The kid has his
own playlist.  So in the mornings, we often do either classical or
opera, and Raines enjoys listening to the Beatles and Green Day in the
car.  However, for Baby Dance Party time, we shakeIT-shakeIT-shakeIT
like Justin T to bring sexy back because with just one look we can hear
Tactfully, Sarah asked if I had any “kids music”.  I realized that she
was probably NOT talking about my rendition of “I’m too sexy for these
diapers, too sexy for these diapers…”  Off to Target we went.  Raines
is now the proud owner of toys.  Real toys!  And a Seasame Street Sings

gotta be honest – I was skeptical at first.  It didn’t help that Raines
was only mildly interested at best.  At worst, he was annoyed (see pic
above).  But then, recently….he started playing with the toys!  I
think his vision is better developed, along with his hand coordination,
so we went from “What is this stupid plastic thing in my face?”  To
“Ooooo….brightly colored plastic…Made in China….GENIUS!”  I can
pop him in his bounce chair with some plastic rings and make lunch.  I
can even — sob tears of happiness — shower.  He stares, breathes
fast, kicks and tries to grab onto his toys. A whole new world has
opened up.  Toys – what a concept.  Thank you, thank you Sarah.

Sarah -  I have “Rubber Ducky” stuck in my head.  Everyday.  All day. 
For this, I may never forgive you.  It’s now running neck and neck with
“Hey Jude” for Raines’ favorite song.

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5 Responses to A Little ABBA, Anyone?

  1. Sarah says:

    HA!!!! I love it! 🙂 You know Shan, we barely scratched the surface as far as toys are concerned for our sweet boy (wink, wink) but I’m so happy he likes the few small things we picked out for him…and that you’re able to shower and everything! And you have to know that I was (am) impressed with your imagination and creativity on the ribbon and bracelets! As far as songs in your head, it could be soooo much worse my dear…you should thank the heavens it’s not the damn Wiggles. By far the worst children’s songs I’ve ever heard, but for some reason they are catchy and for some reason (beyond anything I can comprehend) Aubrey is obsessed. “Fruit Salad…yummy, yummy”. Please shoot me now. Sure, we love NKOTB which some can’t understand, but this baby boy band should be kept away from any child…it’s baby crack! I would give anything to have Rubber Duckie stuck in my head. Anyway, our visit was wonderful!!! I miss you guys so terribly much. Can’t wait to see you in Mqt this summer. Much love and big hugs. And kisses for my sweet baby Raines. -Aunty Sarah
    PS – Shan, I happened to notice on your “About Us” page you’re not 31 anymore… 🙂

  2. Nicole says:

    What is Aunie Canolee? Chopped liver? He only has mild love for me? When he is my son in law…….I’ll remember this. 🙂
    Meanwhile, I only rigged those rings up as posted above a few minutes ago. I didn’t think Caroline would be impressed but she was. So good idea Shana.
    By the way I thought your song choices were good. I’m just sayin’.

  3. Shana says:

    Of course Raines loves his Auntie Canolee! Who else will get him riding minibikes behind my back?
    So if Ren & Stimpy are out, then so are the Smurfs. One girl smurf and all of those guys smurfs….it just isn’t right.
    ps. Mike loves the Seasame Street CD. LOVES it. If either of you two EVER give him a Wiggles CD our friendship is OVER. Except, of course, for the NKOTB concert. That’s sacred. And maybe the Sex and the City Movie (Nicole – let’s leave the kids with the guys). But that’s it!

  4. Shana says:

    pps. Only someone older than me would out me about my age. 🙂

  5. Shana says:

    pps. Only someone older than me would out me about my age. 🙂

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