She’s Crafty

have several friends that have taken sewing classes.  One of them
actually MADE her child’s crib bedding and window treatments.  Another
one watches the craft network (or some such thing) for ideas.    I
think Mike’s mum also made clothes for him and his siblings growing
up.  Now that I’m a mum, the pressure to craft is high.  So I googled
“baby crafts”. (And for those of you that know me well…NO – this is
not an April Fool’s joke!)  It turns out that there are no shortage of
craft ideas for new mums. After hours and hours of reviewing websites,
reading directions, making lists, etc – I was ready to Craft with a
capital “C!”  I went to Target (being waaay to intimidated by Holly
Hobby or Michaels) looking for things like “glue gun” and “raffia”.  I
bypass the scrapbooking aisle (if I ever start scrapbooking just cut my
hair short and stick me in Mom jeans so help me GOD)  and find the more
respectable sounding “art aisle”.  Raines is grouchy, they don’t have
half the stuff on my list, but I’ve managed to fill the basket with pom
poms, glitter and foam board.  I stare down and the poms poms, etc. and
suddenly think:  “What the heck?”  I’m mean SERIOUSLY.  Do I REALLY
need to make pom poms chicks in egg cartons for Easter?  I look at
Raines.  He drools back.  And that, is EXACTLY my point.  I ditch the
entire basket and escape with only a box of crayons and some tape. 
Crayons – now that’s my speed.  So anyway, I’m pretty proud of my baby
gym contraption (pictured above).  Sometimes I tape up spoons,
sometimes flowers, today it was sparkly bracelets.  I’ll crayon
something up if I run out of objects.  Which, by the way, is not likely
– no matter what I hook up there, Raines acts as if it’s the coolest
thing he’s ever seen.  The “Baby Minds” book recommended that you tie
the baby’s foot to the dangling object so they can learn how to make it
move – it fosters good problem solving behavior.  Raines kicked away
happily and drooled.  And no pom poms or glue guns required.  Or raffia
– whatever that is.  Whew.  That was a close one. 

ps.  I added a movie of Raines and his baby gym – be prepared for lots of heavy breathing.

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