Oh, How Things Change…

IMG_1103  Shapeimage_3

It’s amazing what we get excited about these days.  I just read my last
blog entry…seriously?  That warranted a blog entry all by itself?  In
a word…YES.  And, thankyouverymuch…Raines is sleeping through the
night.  Well, technically he sleeps from 11:30 PM – 4:00 AM but HEY –
close enough!  He does usually go back down after the 4AM feeding.  Or
at least he lays next to us making cute noises while we try to get a
few more hours in.  We hung out with the crew this weekend, and had a
BLAST.  Usually, I would reserve the word “BLAST” for a night that
would be commemorated by very different kind of photo (closed eyes and
huge smiles are my “drunk face” signatures) but we did, indeed have a
blast.  The photo above is Scott and Mike with little Caroline
(smiling!) and our bald little creature, Raines.  Caroline is only a
few weeks younger.  Almost everyone in the crew now either has a child,
or is pregnant!  Little Katie (2 yr) and Zach (1 yr) were also there. 
Next time we need to get a group photo of the whole gang.

The other
photo is of Raines in the bounce chair.  I included this pic because
Raines loves his bounce chair.  He spent the whole night happily
sitting there while we drank wine and gabbed.  I’m finding that Raines,
at the end of a long day, needs his alone time – if we hold him he
freaks.  If we stick him in his bounce chair and ignore him, he sits
there happily.  I’m dying with guilt (Is he happy?  Shouldn’t we be
holding him?  What about attachment parenting?) but every time I rush
over to hold him, without fail, he cries.  It's like he's saying,  “Lay OFF Mum!  I’m cool. 

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