Time is Relative

IMG_1007 Friday
night the three of us went out to dinner with Scott, Nicole and Baby
Caroline Mulvany.  It was Raines and Caroline’s first date (see pic). 
BR (Before Raines) Mike and I had a little trouble getting places on
time.  Some may argue my use of the word “little” in this context.  The
same Mulvanys that we had dinner with have also been known to send Mike
& I a “special” invitation to parties – one that lists the time an
hour earlier than everyone else’s invite.  However, our timing
challenges have reached a new level since Raines was born.  I have not
managed to be on time (even by my own liberal definition of ‘on time’)
since…approximately January 4th.   We were so late, the restaurant
gave away our table before I had finished putting on my makeup…and
the fact that it was restaurant week meant that virtually no restaurant
in the city had an opening.  Thankfully, Scott and Nicole know us (and
more importantly, love us anyway) and we all ended up at Potager.
(NOTE: If you haven’t been to Potager, it is my favorite restaurant in
Denver.  They don’t really advertise or participate in any silly
restaurant week business, because, frankly, they don’t need to.) 
Caroline was a perfect little angel while Raines fussed and let out a
few screams.  Luckily the restaurant drowned him out.  He’s more fussy
because he’s 3 weeks OLDER than Caroline, right?  Because he’s awake
more, so he’s just going to be a little fussier, right?  Right?  RIGHT?

of screams – Raines, when feeding, will often let out a few shrill
screams.  My favorite is at breast feeding support group – the room
will be mostly quiet, people talking, except for Raines’ feeding and
shrieking.  I was worried that I was doing something wrong until one of
the lactation consultants sat down beside me:  “Men”, she said.  “They
just get SO excited about boobs.”

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